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True Wetsuits

While at TBWA London I wrote many case studies for colleagues around the world. This one for the Tokyo office helped them win two Golds at Cannes.

Lidl Halloween 

This ad appeared on Lidl's Facebook page and on YouTube. It cost less than a tenner to make (including the bus fare to Lidl Old Kent Road).


Look Digital Printers

To promote a Sydney digital printing company, we took pictures all over Sydney and then posted the images back over the things themselves, because, as the endline says, "We Just Love To Print".

The Thinkboxes Awards

When Thinkbox wanted to create a new award for television advertising, I suggested we use sculptor Guido Moretti's 'Cube Not Cube'  to represent a 'box' you have to 'think' about. One day I hope to win one.

Cannes Podcasts

Jungle Studios asked my art director and me to record some totally unrehearsed conversation to feature in their on-site radio broadcast at Cannes. While being a great deal of fun, the 'unrehearsed' aspect certainly shows.

Cannes Podcast 1 - Dean & Simon
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Cannes Podcast 2 - Dean & Simon
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